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Angelite crystal with many spiritual properties, wedding and engagement rings with aquamarine to heal skin disorder;
increase psychic awareness and help reduce abnormal cell growth....

Peruvian Opal - healing gem bracelet

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Ametrine Healing Gem (natural stone) Is a variety of quartz that contains amethyst and citrine in the same crystal; is said to increase spirituality, connect with Spirit.

Jegem Healing Jewelry & Gems
Buy loose Opals, crystals and mineral rocks that heal!

Agate Healing Gem
Agates have long been thought as magical gems,

Therapeutic Healing Power of Moss Agate

Healing Gems Jewelry, What are the gemstones that heals? How does Crystals Healings work? Peruvian Opals, Natural Minerals Power

Heart Chakra is thought to help with peace and balance.

Alexandrite Healing Gem (June Birthstone).

Clear violet-green, blue or orange-yellow iridescence.

changes its color depending on the light.

Petrified Wood Agate

associated with recall past lives, "akasha" or heaven.

Petrified Woods Agates increases peace

Lower chakras.

It is often thought of as a general protector of health,

increasing longevity and sturdiness of health.

Amazonite Healing Gem
is believed to bestow truth, honor and integrity.
Ppower for the throat, bronchi.

Amber Healing Gem
Ancient Greeks believed that Ambers came from immortality
(ambrotos, meaning ambrosia).
was believed to instill protection and increase longevity.

Healing Amethyst - (February Birthstone)
Protects against psychic manipulation.
Color: translucent purple/lavender quartz
Third eye chakra stone.
Aids sleep, boosts the spirit and can help heal stomach disorder.
Promotes speritual enlightenment and guidance.

Andalusite therapeutic power:
The color tint changes depending on your view.

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Healing gems and rocks - spiritual meaning of crystals

Apache Healing Gem
Tear Dark, smoky-translucent Obsidian.

Apatite Healing Gem Transparent blue.
Reputed to help stuttering.
Works on the throat chakra.
Helps form muscles.
Works best on the Solar plexus chakra.

Apophyllite Healing Gem :
striated crystals.
Use for meditation, clairvoyance and astral travel.
Green is the most powerful color.

Loose Peruvian opals, cabochons, Healing Gems Loose Peruvian opals cabochons, Healing Gems

Aqua Aura Healing Gem
therapeutic power: Clear quartz with metallic light blue tint from electrical infusion of gold.
Use for meditation, telepathy, healing increases awareness.

Aquamarine Healing Gem - (March - October Birthstone)
Color: clear blue-green
Releases anxiety and fear, helps relaxation on long journeys, gives insight

Aragonite Healing Gem
Translucent purple-pink-brown hexagonal or white needle crystals.
Use for deep, peaceful meditation and balancing yin-yang energy.
Ideal gift for mother facing the first problems of life.

Aurichalcite Healing Gem
Color: blue
Regenerates the brains nervous system
Works best on the brow chakra.
Use in deep meditation to calm the mind.

Aventurine Healing Gem
Translucent dark/light green quartz.
Color can fade in sunlight, and is opaque green.
This stone attracts money and success.
Assists in making the right decision.

Azulicite Healing Gem
Works on the Meridians to release blockage and aid flow.

Azurite Healing Gem
Color: deep blue/purple
Increases Psychic awareness and helps reduce abnormal cell growth.

Azurite-Malachite Healing Gem
Green tinges Healing stone for skin disorder.

Barite Healing Gem
The 'Desert rose' is the popular stone.
Blue color was very popular with the ancients,
who used it to calm shock by placing it on the brow chakra.

Benitoite Healing Gem
Color: blue/purple fluorescent mineral.

Beryl Healing Gem
Color: clear golden brown, pink/grey

Heliodor Healing Gem - (Beryl)
Color: yellow

Morganite Healing Gem - (Beryl)
Color: pink
Some can look greasy
It stimulates the mind
increases confidence

Bloodstone Healing Gem - (March Birthstone)
(Heliotrope) Dark green/red flecks
Used in ancient Egypt and Atlantis for calming, grounding, revitalizing strength, to attract wealth

Blue Calcite Healing Gem
Calming healing stone that also has properties for liver and colon

Blue John Healing Gem
Beautiful fluorite from the Blue John cavern in Derbyshire, England

Boji Stones Healing Gems
Color: grey-brown
Round discs
Electro magnetic

Bowenite Healing Gem
Color: translucence green mineral

Brass Healing Power
Alloy of copper and tin
Used as a shield

Bronze Healing Power
As physical contact with this metal, it can bring on great calmness
and deep meaningful thoughts, leading to a far greater insight into your problems.

Cacoxinite Healing Gem
A golden colored mineral that sometimes forms as an inclusion in quartz or amethyst.
It is a rather rare occurrence,
and can make for visually spectacular stones to be used in jewelry.

Calcite Healing Gem
Color: lime green
soothing the spirit

Fashion brooches with healing diamond gem

Calcite Healing Gem
Color: yellow
Cleans toxins from body

Carnelian Healing Gem - (July and August Birthstone)

Cat's Eye Healing Gem - (November Birthstone)
Color: yellow/green/brown/blue/orange, etc.
Similar to Chrysoberyl
reflects light

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Celestite Healing Gem
Color: white/clear, light blue cluster crystals

Cerussite Healing Gem
Color: Clear/misty, white/brown

Cerussite-Malachite Healing Gem
Bronchial problems

Chalcedony Healing Gem
Release touchiness, melancholy, fever, gallstones, leukemia, eye problems
Stimulates maternal feelings and creativity

Chalcedony Rose Healing Gem
use to females who wish to become males or opposite

Charoite Healing Gem
Color: purple

Chiastolite Healing Gem
Similar to Andalusite but with black cross shaped flecks

Chlorite Healing Gem
Crystal in harmony with vegetarian power

Chromite-Malachite Healing Gem

Chrysoberyl Healing Gem
Color: translucent gold or green Cat's Eye

Chrysocolla Healing Gem - (Silica)
Color: blue/green

Chrysolite Healing Gem
Helps reduce depression

Chrysoprase Healing Gem (Chalcedony)
Color: translucent green

Cinnabar Healing Gem

Citrine Healing Gem - (November Birthstone).
Color: Clear yellow/orange

Cobalt-Calcite Healing Gem
Color: pink
believed to inspire love, patience, gentleness, compassion and balances the emotions

Conichalcite Healing Gem
Color: green inlay
assists in all skin related diseases

Copper Healing Gem

Coral Healing Gem - (October Birthstone)
Calcium and calcite
Color: red/orange

Covellite Healing Gem
An iridescent copper mineral
Color: indigo/purple sheen

Creedite Healing-Gem
Small crystals

Crocoite Healing Gem
Color: pinkie red crystals

Cuprite Healing-Gem
Color: Deep red crystal

Danburite Healing Gem - (Quartz Crystal)
Color: Clear

Desert Rose Healing-Gem
Belongs to the gypsum family

Healing Gems and Jewelry

Diamond Healing Gem - (April Birthstone).
Clouded crystals
Color: clear

Diamontina Quartz Healing Gem

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Diopside Healing Gem healing stone
Color: Clear or deep green

Dioptase Healing Gem
There is much in this tiny deep blue-green mineral.

Dioptase Kinoite Healing Gem

Dolomite Healing Gem
Also known as the "Pearl Spar"

Dravite Healing Gem

Dumortierite Healing Gem
This mineral is found in dark blue, violet, reddish brown and clear colors.

Elestial Healing Gem
This is a special form of clear Smokey Quartz.

Emeralds Healing Gem - (May and June Birthstone)

This wonderful green stone Emerald strengthens the heart chakra for abundance,

Color: deep green

This healing stone has mineral forms in bright crimson crystals.

Healing stone with great power

Appearing in all rainbow colors.
This healing stone is in blue/purple, golden/white color
Can be very affective with the higher chakra's.

Invigorating Works on all the chakras

Custom Made Jewelry healing stones
Personalized Rings, Spiritual Bracelets, Chakra ...

This is a beautiful mint green mineral.
spiritual meaning of +gem +stones and rocks

(January Birthstone).
It is a deep rich red in color though there is also green.



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Gem Silica
This clear high-blue colored mineral will tend to give its wearer active compassion.

This is a mineral product of volcanic bubbles.
It has an exterior of solid agate with a center of rock crystal, amethyst and sometimes opal.

This mineral is used in the garden as an anti fungal agent.
When combined in conjunction with rose quartz,

This is water mineral and brings the user a glimpse of the power (mystery of the ocean)

This very precious metal is a stabilizer, balancer and grounder.
an all purpose healer.

For those with psychic leanings,

Medium brown with tiny coppery glitter.

Green Phase
This psychic rock is a healer's stone.

This is a category of sulfate minerals.

You can buy mineral rocks, loose gems, crystal healing stones, Peruvian beads, pink opal obelisks, Sapphires, Turquoise nugget, Amber chips, spiritual jewelry...

Cabochon, Peruvian Opal, multicolor healing gem
Cabochon, Peruvian Opal, multicolor healing gem

Opal, Peruvian healing gem
Opal, Peruvian healing gem

Peruvian Opal healing gem - cabochon
Peruvian Opal healing gem - cabochon

Peruvian Opals with beautiful inlays, cabochon gem
Loose Gems and Healing Rocks, Peruvian Opals with pretty inlays, cabochon gem jewelry

Peruvian Opal cabochon, healing jewelry and gems collelctionPeruvian Opal cabochon, Loose Opals from Peru that heal

Opal Bead, Briolette
Loose Opals, Healing Gems, Briolette, Opal Bead

Peruvian opals, cabochon, Healing Opal Gems (loose)
Peruvian opals, cabochon, Healing Opal Gems (loose)

Opal, Peruvian cabochon
Opal, Peruvian cabochon

Sapphire Beads, Cabochons
Healing Gemstones, Sapphire Beads, Cabochons

Sunstone Bead, Cabochon
Sunstone Bead, Cabochon

Amazonite Bead, Briolette
Healing Gemstone Collection, Amazonite Bead, Briolette

Peruvian Opal
Peruvian Opal

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These cloudy, opaque, yellow crystals have a similar shape to the Herkimer diamond,

Hawk's Eye/Falcon's Eye
Natural Green, grey or blue Tiger's eye-like quartz.

Silver-gray metallic is an iron ore which is iron oxide usually FeO2.
hematite power gems

Herkimer Diamond
This is one very powerful stone with similar qualities to quartz.

A Spodumene, like Kunzite.
Green, it is best known for drawing prosperity.

Holly Blue
This is a wonderful alter stone.


White stone with high calcium content;

Expander of creativity

This is a translucent blue, violet or brown stone.

Solid to translucent.
Jades may come in a variety of colors

Chalcedony quartz.

Yellow Jasper is for stomach, intestines, liver, and spleen areas.
The light color - best healing stone

Green Jasper
Gemstone that heals

Black mineral, most comes from Whitby in England.

Spodumene with lithium.
Pink and clear is powerful, high level stone.

Light blue, splintery


Lapis Lazuli

A gentle, soft, sky-blue Caribbean healer.


Lepidolite is a lithium-mica.

Useful for meditation.

(Magnetite, Iron.)

Steady pulsing electromagnetic energy.
(High copper content)

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Malachite and azurite are the same chemical, practically,
Copper Carbonate.

Cool calcite base.
Promotes universal love.

Helps us adapt to new situations easily.

Usually solid, dull, mottled and brownish to black.

Healilng gems and natural gemstones that heal
Shopping for gems jewelry, aquamarines, tourmalines, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, healing gems and rocks, polished gem engagement jewellery, diamond earrings, sapphire bracelets...

See Amazonite

Greenish to brown-green Tektite (fell to earth).
On heart chakra.

(June Birthstone).

Pink Beryl
Related to Emerald and Aquamarine.

Mother of Pearls
Beads/decor made of glossy pearly inside of pearl oyster shell.
(Isn't a stone)

This stone is very useful for a person whose wish is desired to come through!

Belongs to those of us who serve the community.

Volcanic glass which cannot be used for evil.

Smoky Obsidian.
Helps with hearing defects.

Black Obsidian
This is the Wizards stone much prized.

Golden Obsidian.
For protection and invigorating.

Green Obsidian
Use with other stones to heal and charge them

Rainbow Obsidian.

Mahogany Obsidian.

Snowflake Obsidian.

Delicate and beautiful in itself

(July Birthstone)

Black Onyx
Root Grounding

Green Onyx
Healing gem for heart

Yellow Onyx

Blue Onyx
5th chakra

(March and October Birthstone).
A silicate

Useful in meditation.

Peacock Ore

Called "The rock of happiness" because it can do so much.
Excellent healing stone

Pecos Diamond
Peach pink it looks a bit like Rose Quartz
but has some different properties

(August and September Birthstone).
Clear bright green / green-yellow.

(Phenakite) Milky white to clear crystal.

This metal is the closest match to Electrum the of the Ancient Rods.
Charges Yin energy.

Utilized for meditation.

Pyrite/Fool's Gold one of the most grounding stones in use today.

Helps yellow chakra:
hematite power gems hematit

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Solid to clear pink.

Pink, black inclusions.
Works with heart chakra.

Rock Crystal Quartz
Probably the most versatile multi purpose healing stone.
Transforms, amplifies, focuses and multiply energy and spirituality.
Healing, cleansing and protection ...

Rose Quartz
Translucent to clear pink.
Love, beauty, peacefulness

Therapeutic Power
considered lucky for artists, writers and others.

Pink Tourmaline
Rubellites bring love and friendship

Red Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline
very important gemstone for 5th and 6th Chakras.

Green Tourmaline
is known as a Brazilian Emerald.

Black Tourmaline
Tourmalines are one of the most potent of all gemstones.
help to clear the psyche of negative energy.

Watermelon Tourmaline
with its contrasting pink and green banding, represents opposites

Violet/Purple Tourmaline
(Siberite) - inspires meditation.

Yellow Tourmaline
increases intelligence

(January, July, August and December Birthstone)
Red Corundum
Contains chromium
(blood sugar balance)

Rutilated Quartz
Clear with metallic, golden rutile, copper,
or blue/grey titanium fibers

(April, July, September Birthstone)

Satin Spar/Selenite
Translucent/opaque from Gypsum group.
white/clear striated crystals.

Clears the chakras and is excellent for enhancing meditation.

"Gem Silica":
The highest, purest form of quality Chrysocolla.

Excellent for mental, emotional cleansing
releasing physical strength

Light blue/pink, or lavender fuzzy bubbles.

Smoky Quartz
Root-beer or chocolate-colored clear crystals.

Easy carving stone
Used for ornaments

(Ululate- Royal Adele)
Solid, purple.

Logic, ideas, truth.
Balances body energy levels via thyroid, pituitary, lymph, and other glands.

See Labradorite.

Spiritual meaning

Staurolite / "Fairy Cross": Brown/grey, cross like extrusions.
Spirituality, compassion, allowing ness, dis-attachment.

Blue, green.

Pale pink/grey/white.
Especially helpful with loving

Solid yellow
Rejuvenating, especially if one does a great deal of thinking

Aventurine feldspar with gold-orange metallic sheen.

Clear blue-purple-violate Zoisite crystal.
Thig healing stone is used for meditation

Strengthens the energy field.

Brings a better understanding of yourself

Tiger's Eye
Chalcedony Quartz
Yellow-gold, confidence, will power, clears thinking

(February/November/December Birthstone).

Golden Topaz
Pink/Champagne Crystal.
powerful, electromagnetic of yellow/solar plexus gems.

A powerful, electromagnetic, striated healing gem

(December Birthstone).
Light blue/blue-green.

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("TV Stone") White/Translucent

We often think of the emotions as originating and residing in the heart,

Green garnet
Used to give greater precision and understanding to the intellect.

Enhances meditation and promotes the conservation of wealth or energy.

African Healing Gems
Gemstone Rings with Blue Opals ...

Solid cool, pale green
Eases depression, fear, worry

Ccan connect with the owner of this stone to bring help
and understanding for the good of all.

Used to bring beauty to the wearer.

is a form of Jasper.
Comes from South Africa.
Multi-colored chalcedony with patterns and swirls of golden yellow/reds, olives/browns/ivory.

Worry/Stress Stones.

Translucent yellow to red, mostly orange crystal.

(September Birthstone).
Known as "The stone of virtue" All colors.
Clear, colorless, natural form:

Green with red streaks of ruby
For trust in the universe

Therapeutic Properties of Ruby Zoisite
is also known as Anyolite.
belongs to a family of gemstones
that include Thulite and Tanzanite.

associated with the Crown (7th) Chakra.

Healing jewelry and gems
HEALING JEWELRY for women and men, GEMSTONES that Heals

Important disclaimer about information provided here for healing stones and rocks

The gemstones' therapeutic power described here have been compiled from different sources,
legends and mystical stories.

Many of them are traditional uses of this.

No claims have been made about the suitability of this healing stone or curing diseases.

We do not make any claim for these .

This is not medical advice.

For additional information you may consult a qualified professional
to allow the informed user to make their own decision

and has not been evaluated or approved by FDA

or any other agencies of any government.


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Healing gems, Peruvian Opal
Healing gems, Peruvian Opal

Opals with inlays gemstones, Healing Peruvian cabochon
Opals with inlays gemstones, Healing Peruvian cabochon

Healing Opal Bead, Cabochon, healing magical power
Healing Opal Bead, Cabochon, healing magical power

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